We make indie games! Currently the game in development is a unnamed stealth game.

Latest game is 'Moments by Moments' download is here.



These are games we had a part in making!


Arcus was a game for one of the seconds years at Ray's college during the first year. Ray did some level design and art for this game.


Spooky Sad Skeletons The Game

This was the first real finished game Ray has worked on, it was for Ray's first year college capstone, with this team, it was all of our first time actually working a "huge" scale game. On this game, Ray worked on 3D animation(for the first time) and 3D modeling, demo reel here.


Moments by Moments

Moments by Moments is a Game Jam game for Game Jam 2880, that won not only Matt Doucette from Xona Games' choice, but also first place! Ray did all the art in this game while, Jeff coded. Download now on here!


double // slash

double // slash is the game currently in development for Cerebrosis Arts, the development blog is here.